Corporate Wellness makes a difference to everyone!

About UsCorporate health and wellness programs were once considered a nice perk some companies provided for their employees. Today, smart companies know that corporate wellness programs translate into significant long-term savings.

What Pinnacle Wellness can do?

Pinnacle delivers on-site educational programming as well as individual assessments and program recommendations designed to help employees identify and address the issues affecting their health and wellness – and your company’s bottom line.
We’ll handle all aspects of program development and execution with minimal help required from your team. Our programs help your employees achieve their health goals, are simple to execute, and are measurably beneficial to your organization in the long-term.


Pinnacle’s corporate wellness programs focus on three areas to help employees get healthier:

  • Educating on nutrition to address weight control issues that contribute to serious illness, causing long-term disability, poor performance and high benefit costs.
  • Effectively treating acute and chronic injuries and providing relief from existing conditions that can affect workplace performance and lead to high long-term benefit consumption
  • Educating and treating to strengthen the body and prevent painful and costly future injuries from occurring

Pinnacle’s team of health care professionals will work with your employees to address their current and future health and wellness. We’ll educate them on nutrition, weight control and injury prevention so they can take an active role in improving their own health. We’ll then perform a thorough assessment of each employee’s full-body health, and recommend a program to treat and prevent injury, improve core strength, and achieve a healthy weight.