Wellness Day


COST :$300

Pinnacle will conduct an on-site Wellness Day,to raise awareness of health and wellness among your employees. We will work with you to design a Wellness Day program that suits your needs. Your Wellness Day can include:


Wellness Day Includes:

  • Healthy Leg Day
  • Massage Day
  • Stretching Day
  • What is My Core Day?

Or a custom day designed for you!

Healthy Leg Day

Our health professionals along will come to your workplace and analyze the condition of your staff's feet and legs which are an integral part of everyones day to day activities.

Cost: TBD

If required that chiropodists can write prescriptions and order a custom made orthotic, or orthopedic shoe to help with gait correction or pain associated with walking. 

Functional Movement Screens

A Pinnacle health professional will come to your workplace and provide a thorough assessment of your employees’ full-body health. We will conduct a functional movement screen for each employee, to assess the health of their joints, range of motion and flexibility, and to bring to light any limitations that may lead to injury down the road.

Movement Screens $60/person

In addition, we will perform a gait scan to check for proper foot function. We can conduct assessments on an annual basis, and track your employees’ progress year over year

One-on-One Nutrition Chart

For your employees who are interested in managing their weight and eating a proper balanced diet, Pinnacle will provide a customized nutrition guide, identifying each employee’s individual requirements.

Nutritional Chart $25

Based on the individual’s age, target weight and activity level, we will provide a recommended daily caloric intake as well as a breakdown of recommended amounts.

Onsite Physiotherapy/Chiropractic Treatment

In a perfect world, for best the treatment, we would recommend one of the clinics in our wellness network. However, if that cannot happen we can bring them to your workplace. Ideal for the busy team member who just cannot seem to get help on the way to or from work. Fit as many as 4 team members into an hr to get help with the aches and pains.

Cost: $120/hr